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Turn Your Company Into a Long-Term Sales Machine That Works Without You

“101 Tactics to take your
company to the next level”

SHORTCUT TO BUSINESS SUCCESS: 101 Zero-Cost Tactics to Take Your Company to the Next Level is a collection of best practices and strategies used by Fortune 500 companies adapted for small business owners.

Areas covered: how to attract more customers; how to grow your sales; how to increase internal efficiency: how to get the most out of your team: how to be a better leader: how to sustain your business long-term: how to take that giant leap to get your business to a higher level. As a bonus you get the marketing framework for your business; that is, your marketing strategy developed on one page to include everything you need to consider to attract more and better customers.

This book will help you to turn your business into an effective and efficient
'money-making machine' and to create even more success in your life and business.

It provides simple real life examples to explain business tactics. Each of the 101 tactics concludes with a short exercise that will make it easy to start working on your business using that tactic. If you are serious about growing your business, it is essential that you apply these tactics right away.


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  • Gerry Robert

    Founder/President of Black Card Books Publishing Company

    “Hits the mark! Shortcut to Business Success is refreshingly full of professional and relevant information, written in an engaging and contemporary style. A must read for the entrepreneur who truly wants to succeed.”

  • Henrique Setton

    Entrepreneur, Owner of Silicon House

    “Ozana is an entrepreneur with great vision and unique approach. She was able to link business best practices into management tools to address the business potential. Smart. Succinct. Professional. That’s Ozana.”

  • Andy Harrington

    Business Owner, UK’s #1 Public Speaking Expert

    “This book is based on principles used by the most successful companies. Having read Shortcut to Business Success, I can recognise such tactics being used by multinational companies in my daily life. And best of all, it gives a clear line of action.”

  • Bill Walsh

    America’s Small Business Expert

    "If you are looking for a very hands-on approach to building your business from the ground up, Ozana has nailed it in Shortcut to Business Success. What a purposeful read for anyone who is an entrepreneur or small business owner."

We’re running a 24-hour, 20% OFF sale today!

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About the Author

Ozana Giusca: world-class expert on business growth, international speaker, bestseller author, and successful entrepreneur with businesses in the U.S., U.K. and Romania and clients on all continents.

Ozana is passionate about businesses and always finds ways of growing them, regardless of industry, size or location. She has helped hundreds of small companies double and triple profits within a year.

More about Ozana: visit or see her LinkedIn profile on